Volunteers Needed

We are looking for more volunteers to help with the food preparation for our monthly drop-in afternoons. You will only have to help every other month, if enough people volunteer. It should take about 2 hours of your time, from 10am in the morning until 12noon. You will be making sandwiches, warming up soup, and putting food onto prepared plates. If you are interested in getting involved and serving your local community in this way, please contact Barbara on 01222 333444.

Garden Party Treasure

The garden party held in June was a very successful event, raising an impressive sum of £212.60 for the Hospice. Guests were treated to tea and scones, with entertainment from ZeBoyz, Michael’s son’s ‘fusion’ band, as well as a game of croquet for those who wanted to play. The game was won by Diane, after some serious shenanigans!

The treasure hunt had the children running all over the church garden, and following clues and eventually finding a trove of sweets and toys. The Brownies’ decorated stones sold well, contributing £17 to the final total.